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According to the Department of Homeland Securities, a considerably large number of the fire cases they have responded to, were caused by faulty dryers and lint accumulation resulting from clogged dryer vent and lack of cleaning the dryer vent. Lint and other accumulations also degrade the dryer’s performance and result in more electricity consumption.

Why don’t you check the vent of your dryer to see whether it is clogged or not?

If it is, do not worry or panic, you have been saved marginally from a dangerous hazard. We have the solution to your problem. We have highly trained professional staffs who would not only clean and restore your vent to its pre-clogged condition but would also make additional repairs necessary for its optimal performance.

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House fires are highly dangerous. They result in substantial damage, loss of property and loss of lives. And an increasingly common cause of these house fires is, clogged dryer vents.

Whenever we use the dryer, some portion of lint and small fibers from our clothes get trapped in the lint screen but the lint screen can trap only about 40% of the outflows and the rest of it flows out and enters the vent system. This accumulates over time and dries up and may flow towards the heating system of the vent and start a fire.

Clogging has to be handled by professionals like us, who would remove those unwanted buildups and restore the vent to its pre-clogged state and ensure the prevention of a major fire accident.

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This video shows lint we recently removed from a customer. With 6 family members they use their dryer a lot, having been within the house for 6 years the dryer vent had never been cleaned. For more information check out these resources: EPA | Consumer Reports | CSIA | This isn't the fault from the owner, as numerous of our customers merely don't realize how lint builds up in their dryer exhaust system and how important it's to clean the whole dryer vent as well as the inside from the dryer.


Clogged vent would put strain on free air flow and increase the drying time requirement. Drying is known to consume goods amounts of electricity and with its speed being brought down by the clogging; it would take way longer and would consume more number of electricity units.

So to make sure that drying cloths doesn’t hamper your daily schedule by taking up too much of your time and money, cleanup is a necessity.


Over time, lint build-up hampers the efficiency of the dryer and when the problem is left unattended for too long, it can cause the dryer to become obsolete. A properly maintained dryer will last longer an be cost effective in the long run.


A dryer under the strain of clogged vent, takes longer to complete its dry cycle. Clients have observed that, time taken by their dryer after a clean-up was much lesser than the time it took before to complete the same cycle. Some even noted that a full load cycle took only about 30 minutes after a clean-up which initially took at least 50 minutes to finish. After we do a clean-up you will notice a considerable improvement in the drying-time taken by your dryer. So, a well maintained and clean vent would save a lot of your precious time and energy. optimal performance.


You may have noticed small pools of water behind your dryer around the vent region. Cloudy damp formations may have also been found on the ceiling. All these may have been caused by the clogged vent of your dryer.

Vents are designed to dispose of both, air and water but when they are jammed, moisture is prevented from escaping. The excess moisture build-up results in such displays of malfunctioning, like, formation of water pools and damp spots. These water damages are harmful to the house and not to mention, are also very unaesthetic.

Signs of excess lint build up:

  • Clothes taking longer and longer to dry.
  • Clothes don't fully dry, feels damp.
  • Temperature of the clothes is hotter than normal clothes’ temperature at the end of the dry cycle.
  • Body region of the machine right outside the dryer is becoming very hot.
  • Outside exhaust vent flapper does not open very much
  • Laundry room feels very humid.
  • Burnt smell in the laundry room or inside the machine.

Safety is the number one reason why people must get their dryer’s vent cleaned. A sanely precaution is way better and than going through a hazardous phenomena like a fire accident.

With the number of dryer-fire incidences, (caused due to a clogged vent) being on the rise in the recent years, every precaution has become a basic necessity and a way of life.

If you call us, we will perform the necessary inspections required to find out the root cause of your dryer vent problems. We don’t start away with a supposed cause without analyzing the problem carefully.

We will then formulate the most suitable solution for you and if there is a need to replace your dryer vent, we will recommend so and if you want us to install the new vent for you, we can do that too.

Whatever problems you may be facing with your dryer’s vent, we will make sure that they are solved most efficiently and in the most time effective manner.